Toddler Preschool

An Exciting Nursery Program for 2 Year Olds

This program will provide a casual and nurturing introduction to nursery school. We look forward to welcoming your child to our safe, stimulating, child-centered pre-nursery separation program.

In the Toddlers class, your child will meet in the same classroom, with the same classmates and the same teachers. Children will have their own cubbies for backpacks and coats, their names and artwork will decorate the walls, and they will have a familiar and predictable routine. The Toddlers will follow our fun and stimulating curriculum, and there will be ample opportunities for parents’ involvement, like attending our beloved Halloween Party and Teddy Bear Picnic.

Special Activities

During class time, your toddler will be introduced to such activities as:

  • LARGE & SMALL Motor Activities
  • ART
  • HANDS-ON “manipulatives”

A Bright and Fun Space

Our program takes place in dedicated classroom in our Early Childhood Center.  The many benefits of this location include:

  • Toddlers enjoy using a spacious and bright classroom
  • The entire Early Childhood Center is filled with furniture, toys and learning materials appropriate for our under-3 year old Friends
  • The Early Childhood Center has a dedicated Gym and Playground with developmentally-appropriate toys and fixtures
  • For parents needing a longer day, you can enroll your child to spend additional hours at the Early Childhood Center. It will be a seamless transition for your child, who will simply move to the classroom next-door and still be surrounded by familiar faces and surroundings. Learning will continue, as the teachers in the Flex-Day room use a complimentary curriculum. Children staying for a longer day can have lunch and naptime at the Center. For options and rates, please contact Mrs. Russo.

Our Classroom


Separation Process

With your child’s smooth transition in mind, we take the separation process in stages. Typically, on the first day of school, parents attend with the child for a shorter session. Next, the child attends class for a short session while the parents wait in an adjacent room (and can go in if the child needs them), and the separation process concludes with the child attending the 2 1/2 hour session independently. We work with each child to help them comfortably phase in to their first independent school experience.  Full details of the separation process will be sent to enrolled children’s families before school begins.


Class Details

  • Classes are 9 AM – 12 PM, and parents can choose 3, 4 or 5 days a week.
  • Program runs from September to June
  • We follow the Early Childhood Center calendar
  • Contact Us for further details

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