Health & Safety

Your Child’s Health and Safety are our Top Priority

At Friends Together, we take great care to protect your children.

All medical forms are required upon admission into the Enrichment/Daycare Program and yearly thereafter.  Health records and immunizations records need to be current for enrollment in the School or Daycare program to continue.

We give the children opportunities to play outside everyday all year long (weather permitting), so please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  Pack gloves, hats scarves, etc.


In order to preserve the health of our students, teachers and staff, Friends Together does not permit ill children to attend the program. If your child is sick, make arrangements to keep your child home.  If your child has been absent for more than 3 days, we require a doctor’s note before your child can return to the program.

If your child should develop symptoms while at the program you will receive a call to pick up your child.  Your child will be made comfortable and he or she will receive lots of TLC while waiting for you to arrive.  If a parent cannot be reached, emergency contact individuals will be notified.  All emergency contact information must be current. Please notify the office of any information changes.

If your child is sick with a contagious illness such as bronchitis, pneumonia, strep or pink eye you must report this information to the staff.  Parents will be provided written information about the illness, symptoms and any preventative or treatment measures required.


Our staff works very hard to maintain a germ free environment. We use antibacterial soap on tables; stress the use of tissues and covering of our mouths when sneezing or coughing.  The staff and children wash their hands with soap and running water throughout the day; when they are dirty, after toileting, diapering, before and after food handling and eating, and after coming in from outdoors. The toys are washed and sanitized regularly and whenever they come in contact with bodily fluids.


We use a reverse-osmosis water filtration system.

Food Safety

We are a nut-free facility. We ensure all snacks we serve are nut-free and all parents are required to send nut-free meals and snacks for their children.

Our teachers and staff work with families individually to ensure that children with allergies to other food or substances are safe while at school. For example, if your child has a food allergy, you can send in cupcakes for your child to eat during classroom birthday parties.

Special Health Needs

If your child has an allergy or other health needs please inform us in writing. All students must have an individual Health Care Plan signed by your pediatrician.  We will consult with you to work to maintain the environment according to the recommendations of the child’s health practitioner, to better understand how the allergy manifests, and what to do in case of exposure.

If your child requires an Epinephrine auto- injector (Epi-pen) we will administer when necessary to prevent anaphylaxis in an emergency situation.  You must fill out a “Permission to Apply Form” giving the staff written consent to administer the Epi-pen.

Medicines & Over the Counter Ointments

Our staff cannot administer prescription medications, we are not MAT certified. However, under our daycare licenses, we have a waiver to administer emergency medications including Epi-Pens, asthma inhalers and nebulizers. Over the counter topical ointments such as diaper rash cream or sunscreen may be applied by the staff with written consent from parent or guardian.  You must supply the ointment clearly labeled with your child’s name and fill out a “Permission to Apply Form”.

Accidents & Injuries

Our qualified staff provides excellent supervision and takes every precaution to avoid  accidents and injuries.  Out staff is CPR/first aid/AED and Epi-pen trained and certified.

Parents will always be notified in writing the day of the accident or injury. In the case of a more serious event, the parent will be notified by phone immediately, followed up in writing. In the case of an incident or injury, a report will be completed and two copies generated; one will remain in the incident/injury report log, the other will be sent home with the child to the parents.

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