Our Story

Friends Together Nursery School was established in 1999 in Port Washington, NY from an embedded vision of Christie Mucci. A licensed teacher since 1970, with a master’s degree in childhood education, Mrs. Mucci had an innate passion for education. However, she yearned more for the children’s welfare. She aspired for them to continually carry out their individual successes, from their early years into their later lives. Mrs. Mucci acknowledged the importance of a young child’s scholarly journey, as they transition into grade school. She believed their early stages in character development, would shape and mold the future person they’d come to be. Mrs. Mucci aimed to combine educational excellence, alongside utmost nurturing care. Mrs. Mucci had utilized every bit of skill and knowledge which she adapted throughout her educational journey, to chase her ultimate dream. At last, Friends Together Nursery began its story in 1999 with just two teachers, one of which included Mrs. Mucci, alongside a total of three other students. Present day, a group photograph of the pioneers, situates framed on Mrs. Mucci’s desk. She had glanced at it daily, reminding of her important purpose. Each and every day, Christie Mucci continues to strive with the objective of which she quotes,
“Here We Grow Again.”