Full Day Toddler

It’s Like Preschool – All Day, Every Day.

Our goal is to provide a warm and creative environment to foster young children’s imaginations, curiosity and enhance their natural desire to learn and explore. Our programs are designed to encourage creative thinking, practice self-regulation, sharpen communication skills, and learn nurturing and cooperative behaviors, through a child-centered curriculum with an emphasis on creating a safe and stimulating atmosphere.

The Early Childhood Center

The Friends Together Early Childhood Center has been specially designed for our children younger than 3 years old.  The entire Early Childhood Center is filled with furniture, toys and learning materials appropriate for our under-3 year old Friends.  We have a dedicated Gym and Playground with developmentally-appropriate toys and fixtures. The facility is always locked, and children are signed in and out of the program.

 Our Early Childhood Teachers and Staff Foster:

  • Positive interactions between children and teachers in a safe, engaging environment.
  • Developmentally appropriate activities such as; small and gross motor activities, block building, imaginative play, hands on games and manipulatives, language development, story time, art, movement and music, science and math exploration, and much more.

Sparking a Love of Learning

The aim of the Early Childhood Center is to develop a sense of independence as the children learn to separate from their parents. Through hands-on, imaginative, constructive activities the children become curious, self-confident and active participants in their learning.  A safe, loving and nurturing environment promotes and develops trusting relationships between the children and the staff and the children and their peers.  Positive classroom interactions promote and facilitate the communication of their needs, problems, frustrations and ideas.

The wide variety of activities and play experiences provided promote sensory, physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth. Weather permitting, the outdoor garden and playground are part of their daily routine and are an integral part of the curriculum as a source of learning and a resource for large motor development.