Weekly Update 5/30/14


  • A new 4 Day 3’s afternoon class is now open!!!  Mon-Thurs. 12:15-2:45, starting this fall.   Spread the word!


  • June 10th  – Last day of classes 
  • June 11th  – 4 yr. old Graduation at 9:00a.m. Flyers were sent home. Please check backpacks.
  • June 12th  – Pre-school Breakfastat 9:00a.m. for our 3 & 4yr. old classes. Please check backpacks and respond by Tuesday, June 5th.


Spaces still available! Sign up now!Here’s what we’ll be doing each week:

  1. Science – explore science all around us, inside and out.
  2. Splish Splash– water fun through games, art, discovery and play.
  3. Red, white and blue-explore art, mixing colors and celebrate the 4th of July.
  4. Gettin Dirty– messy art, messy play, exploration and lots of fun!
  5. The Great Outdoors– packed with fun outdoor activities, camping, creepy  crawlers.
  6. Treasure Hunters– pirates, treasure maps, exploration and discovery.
  7. Rainforest Adventure– discover the beauty and wonder of the rainforest and its animals

Sports Program:

We also will have sports classes every day with our own Sports Coach Miss Julia Carbone. Miss Carbone is a certified school teacher who has been part of the Enrichment staff since September. She will be incorporating gymnastics, soccer, baseball, basketball, and all the traditional games with props such as the parachute, bean bags, obstacle courses, hopscotch and much more.  She will introduce the children to games with rules, and help improve listening skills, flexibility and coordination.



  • 3 Day 3’s – We started our dinosaurs unit! The children have been fascinated, learning about all the different types of dinosaurs and facts. We read “Dinosaurs” by Alastair Smith, “Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs” and “How Big Were the Dinosaurs” by Bernard Most”. The class sponge painted cut out dinosaurs and glued the frill, horns & eyes on them. We all became paleontologists by gluing pasta (for their bones) on outlines of different dinosaurs.
  • 4 Day  3’sSummer is on it’s way to the 4 day 3’s!! This week we read many books about summer and vacation. The children made chalk drawings of things they wanted to do this summer– they dipped chalk in water to make the colors more vibrant. We created our summer scene on our classroom wall including the ocean and a lighthouse. The children each made their own boats to add to the scene. Next week Fathers Day!
  • 5 Day 4’sWe have put the finishing touches on our “All About Me” and our poetry books. Our discovery table is now filled with sand-great castle building possibilities. The Father’s Day and Grandpa cards, along with our special gifts are nearly complete. Today the delicious scent of homemade pizza, filled the school!! Delizioso! Thank you to Mrs. Madia & all the little chefs. We continue to add soil and plant in our garden, lots of fun-our green beans are now planted in a large container & are winding up the stalks. Bean soup not far away!
  • Extended Day 4′sThis week we talked about community helpers and different jobs we can have when we get older!  During circle time, we created a graph of who wants which job!  We have some future fire fighter, doctors, police officers, and teachers!  As our class project we created a doctor kit!  In our kit we had a tongue compressor, band-aid, and cotton ball!  We used our fine motor skills to cut out each part of the kit!  As a new center, we put our “real” doctors to work as we practiced using doctor tools!  In addition, we read the story “Steam Train, Dream Train” by Sherri Rinker and added it to our journal!  Let’s see what letter X has turned into!  Next week is letter O for Oceans!  Have a good weekend!

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