Weekly Update 4/4/14


  • April 23th – School Picture Day
  • April 24th  – 4 Day 3’s Famous Artist Show 10:15 a.m.
  • April 29th  – 3 Day 3’s Famous Artist Show 10:15a.m.
  • School will be closed Monday, April 14th  through Monday, April 21st  and will reopen Tuesday, April 22nd. Friends Together Daycare Enrichment center will be open Monday, April 14th through Thursday, April 17th. Forms were sent home, please check backpacks and register by April 9th to properly staff the sessions.


  • Sign up for an after-school enrichment class! Please send an email if you would like to register your child.
    • Little Yogis-  Wednesdays @ 11:30-12:15 starting April 30th through May 28th.
    • Soccer Shots- Thursdays @ 2:45 -3:30 starting May 1st through May 29th


  • Registration is now open for summer camp! Please visit our camp page for more information.


  • 3 Day 3’s – We continued with our “Art Unit”. The children learned about  Pablo Picasso. We read “ Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail” by Laurence Anholt. Each child recreated one of his most famous pieces called “Bouquet of Flowers”. We introduced the children to the Passover and Easter holiday. We read “Sammy Spiders First Passover” and let each child taste matzah. Our art project was dipping matzah in paint & making prints on paper. The children enjoyed “Max’s Chocolate Chicken” by Rosemary Wells. They had fun making a cute Easter bunny.
  • 4 Day  3’sThe art museum is under construction is under construction! This week, we learned about Van Gogh (Starry Night) and Seurat whose techniquewas using many dots to create his masterpieces. To begin talking about Passover we read “Sammy Spider’s First Passover”, tasted matzah and made matzah prints by dipping it in paint. Next week: Easter, Monet & learning about Japan as we say goodbye to a friend who is moving back to his home country.
  • 5 Day 4’sWe kicked off this week with our end of the Dr. Seuss unit with a party! V week has been so exciting learning about volcanoes and even creating our own! Every day we have been observing our planted beans which have begun to sprout. We made thumb print crocus on our Spring bulletin board and sang our crocus song! All the children are loving our new moon sand in the exploration table. Don’t forget next week is “W” week.
  • Extended Day 4′sWow! This week was full of science and fun! We discovered all 5 senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, through different experiments!
    • Sight- We used different color glasses to look and find different objects in the room!  We always played “I Spy” in small groups!!
    • Hearing- We played an interactive game between two teams! We played different sounds for the teams to guess what the sounds was! It ended up as a tie!!
    • Touch- We had a blind touch test experiment! Blind folded, the students had to touch different objects and describe what they were feeling! They then had to do guess what the object was!  This was so much fun!!
    • Smell- With their eyes shut, the students had to smell different spices to see which scent they liked the most and which they liked the least!  Ask the students how they felt about nutmeg!! Seemed to be the number one least liked!
    • Taste- We tasted bananas, raisins, lemons, and pretzels!  Ask your child how their taste experiment went!

    Next week we will be learning about Easter and Passover!  U for Unleavened Bread!  Have a good weekend!

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