Weekly Update 4/26/13


  • Wednesday, May 1stVisit from Port Washington Fire Department
  • Sunday, May 5thFamily Fun Day, check backpacks for RSVP forms


CAMP Spaces are still available for the 4 & 5 day programs. We will honor the 10% discount until Tuesday, April 30th.

Openings for September – Limited spaces still available in both Toddler and 3’s P.M. classes only. Call for more information at 516-767-7020

After-School Enrichment –  Spaces still available for After-School Enrichment classes in Mathletes, Yoga & Soccer. The 6 week spring session begins the week of Monday, April 29nd.


The toddlers had a ball posing for our class pictures! I think we have a few models in the making! We started working on our Mother’s Day projects… Shhh, it’s supposed to be a surprise.

3 Day 3’s

Thank you all for coming to our Art Show. The children loved sharing their songs and paintings with you. It was a great success. Have a wonderful weekend!!

4 Day 3’s

Thank you all for joining our Art Show. It meant so much to them after all their hard work this past month. Now that our art unit has come to an end we are moving onto the dinosaur unit. Enjoy this beautiful weekend. Thanks again!

5 Day 4’s

We celebrated Earth day the whole week! We learned about the water cycle, environment, recycling  and how not to be a litter bug. We learned about the other countries of the world by their national anthems and how we need all the people of the world to keep our Earth clean. Our green beans are sprouting real beans, ready to replant next week. We learned about and created umbrella’s, finished a page in our “All About Me” books and we learned an earth song. The children are enjoying the light table and we are sending home some wonderful earth day paintings.Granpa Ken Bogensberger came to our class today and created a special “popping” worm. What another fun week!

Extended Day 4’s

Ask us about Earth Day. We talked about ways we can help protect the Earth. We also talked about recycling glass, plastic and paper. We put our Journals to good use and illustrated our answers. Here is our class list of 5 great ways to Help the Earth: 1-recycle, 2-clean up parks, beaches and forests, 3-plant a tree, 4-save water, 5-don’t litter. Remember: If we take care of the Earth, it will take care of us. Next week sharing letter: Yy

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