Weekly Update 4/19/13


  • Tuesday, April 23rd & Wednesday, April 24th –  School Pictures!
  • Thursday, April 25th – Final tuition payment due for the 2013/2014 school year. Please pay on time to avoid a late fee!
  • Sunday, May 5th – Family Fun Day
  • EARTH DAY  CELEBRATION – Sat. April 20, 9:a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Hosted by Mayor Giunta and the Manorhaven Board of Trustees. Check backpacks for further information- sounds like a great program for young and old alike!!!!!!


CAMP Spaces are still available for the 4 & 5 day programs. We will honor the 10% discount until the end of April.

Openings for September – Limited spaces still available in both Toddler and 3’s P.M. classes only. Call for more information at 516-767-7020

After-School Enrichment –  Spaces still available for After-School Enrichment classes in Mathletes, Yoga & Soccer. The 6 week spring session begins Monday, April 22nd.

Port Washington Water District has informed me that all will be back to normal by Monday and street paving will begin. Thank you for all your donations of bottled water.  Officer Tony’s visit was postponed today, we expect to reschedule soon.



Spring is in the air in Toddlerland! Flowers are in bloom & butterflies are flying around. This week we worked with paper, feathers & glue to create baby chicks “Hatching” from their shells.


3 Day 3’s

The children are very excited to share their Artist Unit with all of you next week. They have been working very hard and have learned to appreciate fine art. Please practice their songs with them. Don’t forget to RSVP for the Art Show Thursday, April 25th.


4 Day  3’s

Hello! We are all really looking forward to our art show next Thursday, April 25th.The children have been asking everyday if TODAY is the BIG day???  We are all so proud of how hard all your children have been working. We know you will be proud as well. Please R.S.V.P. if you have not yet. Quick reminder – The 3’s picture day is Tuesday, April 23rd.


5 Day 4’s

Earth Day is officially  Monday, April 22nd. Our unit this week deals with the earth, our environment and re-cycling. Lots of conversation and projects having to do with;  soil, planting, seeds, germination, the water cycle and trash. The letter of the week was “t” with lots of tongue twisters to contend with. We used tissue paper and water to create very colorful and delicate “tissue painting” art work.


Extended Day 4’s

We have been hard at work making our projects and learning our songs for our Spring Show (May 10th). We learned many interesting facts about Ladybugs. Did you know that a ladybug can have anywhere from 0-22 spots?  We read The Grouchy Ladybugs and learned  all  about  aphids. (Aphids are very small insects that suck the juice from leaves.) Lady bugs eat aphids! Next week sharing letter is Ii.



Hot! Hot! Hot!   The children have just finished up our unit on “The Desert”. Through books, stories, songs and pretend play, they learned about what grows & lives in a desert. They had a blast finger painting different colors together to create our desert sunset. We also sponge painted our cactus, made ziti snakes, as well as paper plate snakes. We even painted bubble wrap to make our giant snake which the children named “Morty”. The children created their own deserts by using various materials such as popcorn, toothpicks, sand, glue, cotton and scraps of paper. We learned about evaporation & had fun learning about the desert animals. Our next unit is all about Spring which will include birds, bugs, flowers, gardening and planting. Stay tuned!

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