Weekly Update 3/21/14


  • See below for the dates of our Famous Artist Shows. The children are having a wonderful time preparing!


  • Summer Camp registration is now open. Registration forms are being sent home, or you can check our Camp page and download the form.
  • We now have a Facebook page where we’ll be posting updates and fun links – please check it out and “like” us!


  • 3 Day 3’s – This week we learned about Michelangelo. We read “The Art Lesson” by Tomie dePaola. The songs that we sing about each artist, teach the children interesting facts. Each child pretended to be Michelangelo by drawing a picture laying on their backs underneath a table. They felt very silly and had a lot of fun! Welcome Spring!! We finally took our snowflakes off our classroom tree. The children made tissue paper flowers to replace them. Hopefully this is more than wishful thinking. Save the Date: Famous Artists Show, Tues. April 29th at 10:15a.m.
  • 4 Day  3’sOur famous artists unit is off to a terrific start! To introduce the idea that we are all artists, we read “Harold and the Purple Crayon,” created our own Purple wall mural and sculpted with purple play dough. We read “Katie & The Mona Lisa” to talk about Leonardo daVinci and each child had a turn practicing their “Mona Lisa Smiles” while a friend drew them. More artists next week. Save the Date: Famous Artists Show, Thursday, April 24th at 10:15a.m.
  • 5 Day 4’sLooking for signs of Spring- We have a new Spring bulletin board! This special St. Pats week included a special snack, a shamrock hunt in the classroom, math games using shamrocks and finally an exciting, mysterious visit from a Leprechaun! Ask your child. I’m sure they would love to tell you what happened. It was a very exciting week. It was fun watching all of you pick out your child’s self portrait. If you haven’t had your conference yet don’t forget to check out the portrait wall when you are here! We created a sunny, Spring art piece by using lovely pastel tissue paper & water. Happy Spring!!
  • Extended Day 4′sLuck of the Irish! This week we learned about all the fun parts of St. Patrick’s Day!  The children created their own beautiful rainbow leading them to the pot of gold!   We also read the story “Lucky Leprechaun” as we created our very own Leprechaun!  Their favorite project of the week was putting together 3 hearts to create a magical Shamrock Wand!  To take a break from St. Patrick’s Day we enjoyed playing BINGO! to focus on letter, numbers, shapes, and color skills! What a fun way to learn!! Next week we will learn about being a Jockey for letter J!! Enjoy the weekend!

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