Weekly Update 3/22/13

The snow has melted, (we hope we have had our last weather event!) Spring is officially here and the bulbs we planted in the Fall are starting to poke up through the soil. We look forward to be able to use our playground again very soon. We hope everyone has a peaceful Passover and Easter Holiday.


The Teddy Bear Picnic was a success! We are so glad you were able to celebrate with us. A special thank you to the class parents—we couldn’t have done it without you! Enjoy your time off. Happy Holidays!

3 Day 3’s

The children loved making their Easter Bunnies! We continued our Art Unit with the introduction of Vincent Van Gogh. Each child finger painted their version of “The Starry Night” Have a wonderful Passover and Easter Holiday!!

4 Day 4’s

First, we would like to wish everybody a safe and happy holiday week. Hopefully the sun will be shining bright! We continued our art unit this week. It amazes us how many facts the children have soaked up about the artists we have covered, in just two weeks. So far, we have studied Michaelangelo, DaVinci, Van Gogh & Monet. They are working very hard on their art pieces for the show in April. Happy Spring!!

5 Day 4’s

Our Spring colors brighten the easel pictures. We are creating beautiful forsythia art work & hope to be able to watch some real forsythia branches bloom in our class room. We have added a very special rhyming game to our Dr. Seuss area. This Friday the “Cat in the Hat” made a rare guest appearance at our school. This rhyming party is the wrap up to our entire Dr. Seuss unit. Keep on reading!! Another page of our All About Me book has been completed. The children enjoyed drawing their homes, adding attics, windows & basements. Practicing their address was lots of fun as well. Our March song is very funny & every time we say the word “MARCH” that’s what we do! FUN!

Q week is always a challenge. More info to come after vacation.


Ask us about Spring. We talked about signs of spring all around us. We made tissue leaves for our class tree. We colored eggs and woke up our sleepy bears. We have been reading Dr. Seuss books and rhyming words. We will finish Dr. Seuss month with an exciting Rhyming Game with our friends the 4’s. We cooked Green Eggs and Ham. Have a wonderful Passover and Easter.

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