Weekly Update 1/31/14


  • Ladies’ Night Out coming this February, more information to follow next week!
  • Dental Visit – February is dental health month so on Wednesday, Feb. 12th, we will have a special visit from a local dentist to educate the children about dental health.
  • Save the Date for these fun-filled class activities:
    • The 3’s Penguin Pajama Day- Thursday, Feb. 13th at 10:15a.m.
    • 5 Day 4’s  Animal Habitat  – Friday, Feb. 14th (time to follow)


  • To be informed of school closures, you may check the website – information will be listed as a post under “Latest News”. We will also send emails.


  • 3 Day 3’s –This week we read “Gregory’s Shadow” and made groundhog puppets out of socks and felt. We hope the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow on Feb.2! We want Spring! For Valentine’s Day we made “ Thumb Painted Flowers” and read “Mouse’s First Valentine”. We talked about the upcoming President’s Day and read “Celebrating President’s Day- What is a President?” and made a cherry tree by painting the children’s hand and forearm, they added cherries with their pointer dipped in red finger paint. We talked about how George Washington told the truth about chopping down his father’s cherry tree and how proud his father was of him for telling the truth. Last week we read “The Mitten” by Jan Brett. We colored & cut out pictures of all the animals in the story. We re-enacted the story with each child representing an animal in the story. We used a duvet cover as the mitten.
  • 4 Day  3’sWill the groundhog see his shadow on Sunday? We are anxious to find out! We have read lots of books about groundhogs this week and talked about our shadows. Last week, we read “The Mitten” by Jan Brett and re-enacted the story. Each child was an animal in the story and climbed into our mitten outline on the classroom floor. Next up-Penguins!
  • 5 Day 4’sThis week we explored bats, bears and turtles. Our classroom is starting to look just like the winter animal habitat that we are learning about. Soon we will create a pond & bat cave. Can’t wait for all of you to come to the show!! The letter N was challenging & lots of fun! Two new puzzles proved to be a struggle but worth the effort. The traffic puzzle & pond life puzzle were both loaded with visual pictures of the animals. Lots of painting on the easel this week along with fun discovery at the exploration table. We made delicious smiling bears today! Please help your child to learn how to ZIP!
  • Extended Day 4′sZ week was filled with a lot of fun discussing zoo animals and Groundhog Day! The children loved the stories we read and our projects. After reading “Zoolidays” by Bruce Glassman and learning about the different animals in the story, we created awesome elephants and monkeys for our “Zoo” theme wall. We also practiced threading as we used the yarn to create cages for the zoo. We also wrote in our journals after reading “Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather”. As a class we went around the room asking what predictions we have about this years Groundhog Day! We’re excited to see what will happen. Today starts Chinese New Year and we are in the process of creating one big dragon for the class! Next week is “E” for emotions.

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