Weekly Update 11/8/13


  • The preschool we be closed starting Monday, November 11 for Veteran’s Day. All closures are noted in the calendar.


  • Please check backpacks – lots of notes were sent home.  Big thanks to all our veterans!! Enjoy the long weekend!!


  • 3 Day 3’s – This week we began our Thanksgiving and Hanukkah units. The children had fun removing the husks from the corn. We made paint brushes from the husks and rolled the corn in paint to make corn paints! For our Hanukah unit we sponge painted Menorah’s and made flame from crinkled yellow tissue paper. Enjoy your weekend!!
  • 4 Day  3’sWe are talking Turkey! This week we began talking, reading books about & singing Songs about Thanksgiving. We made tie-dye turkeys (coloring coffee filters with marker & spritzing with water for feathers) and painted with corn-on-the-cob  and husks. Since Hanukkah comes early this year, we sponge painted Menorahs to start talking about this fun holiday. Please send in a 4×6 photo of someone special to your child (grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin) for a project next week. Thank you!
  • 5 Day 4’s – We began to make our feathers for our giant classroom turkey. We measured an elephant for E week and then compared it to a dinosaur-measuring outside was lots of fun. The children loved using rakes to create small mounds of leaves. The autumn art work has really exploded on our walls. We planted bulbs outside around the school & also planted paper in our room. We are “tricking” the inside bulbs into thinking its Spring. Next week, the sharing box letter will be “F”. The children all created their “Our Family” page for their All About Me Book!
  • Extended Day 4′sThis week was our “V” week. We focused on vegetables to help introduce Thanksgiving. We began by creating carrots and talked about how they grow in the ground. Then we made our own corn and created a corn stalk to put them on. Lastly, we made string beans & worked on cutting to make our vines for the string beans to grow on. For our letter  “V” we turned our V into a vase and made beautiful flowers to go in them. We had our food tasting (carrots, corn and string beans). Ask your child what they thought!!  Next week we will begin talking about Thanksgiving and Pilgrims and being thankful for our families. Please send in a photo of your family for our journals. Thank You!

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