Weekly Update 10/25/13


  • October 30 – Halloween Parade.  This is our 14th Halloween Parade and as usual we have spent a  great deal of time discussing how to make the Halloween parade at Friends Together Nursery both fun for the children and all of  you, AND  as stress-free as possible. Details will be sent home. Get your cameras ready!


  • Since the cool weather is upon us, please send your child with a warm jacket, hat & gloves (if needed) for outside play.


  • 3 Day 3’s –This week we began preparing for Halloween! We opened a pumpkin and the children had a chance to see and touch the material inside & describe their experience. The children painted their own paper pumpkins with marbles & orange paint! We read “The Big Green Monster” & each child designed their own green monster & held it while we read the story. The children are looking forward to the Halloween Parade next week!
  • 4 Day  3’sWe have been learning about pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!  We cut open a real pumpkin and felt the “guts”and counted the seeds. We played with pumpkin playdough using Halloween cutters-this was our favorite! We read “The Big Green Monster” and made our own monsters.  We have been practicing our songs for next week’s parade. The children are all excited about Halloween and can’t wait to put on their costumes!
  • 5 Day 4’s – Halloween is here at last!!!  Lots of songs, ghosts flying through the room and our  pumpkin patch is full! In the discovery table there are lots of Halloween objects to explore, count and match. Friday’s cooking consisted of chocolate chip cookies for “C” week. Don’t forget next weeks letter of the week is “D”. Please bring in sharing box on Monday with two objects with the letter D. The box will be returned later in the week. We began our poetry unit, more info to follow. We have introduced classical music during free play and the children seem to be enjoying it. The children have been acclimated to our classroom routines, daily agenda and clean up time.
  • Extended Day 4′sThis week we learned all about pumpkins for “P” week! Not only did we paint our own pumpkins, we also carved our  own class Jack-O-Lantern named Connie! We cut it open, felt what was inside and took out all of the seeds to put on our painted pumpkin. As a class, we also made orange playdough and molded it into pumpkins. The children loved this! We more letter “P” fun by decorating our “P’s” with pasta! In addition we explored our primary colors and each table made “show-n-tell” boxes. Next week is letter “H” for Halloween. Get ready!!!

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