5 Day Threes

Giving 3-Year-Olds a Passion for Learning

Three Year Olds grow tremendously during their year at Friends Together. We foster their growing sense of independence by enabling them to find – and put away – their favorite activities. We encourage their imaginations through puppetry, dress-up and storytelling. We help them discover what makes themselves unique, and explore the meaning of being a friend.

It’s a year of many firsts, and great leaps in learning. Children work on fine motor skills to build a framework for writing. Letters and their sounds become second nature as they are reinforced through reading books and doing activities. Students conquer math concepts by helping them put numbers into everyday use. We explore the world outdoors and build an early love of science and nature. You will see your child’s language and expression explode during this transformative year.

Your child’s day will include time in our Gym space, the spacious multi-purpose room, our own nursery classroom, and weather permitting, our outdoor space. See photos of our school here.

Special Programs

A sampling of some of our special programs throughout the year

  • Penguin unit, followed by Penguin Pajama Day
  • Famous Artists Unit, with our amazing Art Show
  • and lots more!


Class Details

  • 5 Days a week, 9 AM – 12 PM. Inquire about afternoon classes.
  • These classes take place in our 4 Manhasset Avenue building and follow the Nursery calendar.

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