Four Year Olds

Building the Foundation for Kindergarten

Four Year Olds spend their year at Friends Together developing the problem solving, social and thinking skills needed to succeed in Kindergarten. We call our students “Friends” for a reason – we emphasize sharing, collaboration, respect and positive communication. In addition to studying letters, numbers and other academic concepts, we have special units of study throughout the year, and guest speakers come and teach specific topics.

The children’s day at school is fun, but filled with learning. It may seem like a lot of fun and games, but here is what our students learn as they explore our school:

  • Story time: By listening and watching the teacher read stories, your child is becoming familiar with basic literacy concepts, like reading left to right, and what words and letters are. We also have a listening station where children can enjoy listening to a favorite book on CD, and follow along in the book. You’ll see your Four Year Old “reading” by turning the pages and narrating what they see — a great precursor to real reading.
  • Puzzle table: Legos, and puzzles, and beads — oh, my! Children improve their fine motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination when they play these games. Working independently also gives them practice problem solving.
  • Sand/water table: These tools and toys help teach science concepts like cause and effect. Since there’s no right or wrong with these materials, kids feel a sense of success when they play with them.
  • Science projects: Growing plants in the classroom and in our garden are great for kids to observe living things and learn what they need to grow. Other science tools like scales and magnifying glasses allow kids to examine, experiment, predict, question, and problem-solve.
  • Circle time: Learning to sit patiently, saying good morning, and talking about the day’s events is a key part of your child’s day. This preschool town meeting gives your child important practice for the skills they’ll need to master for kindergarten.
  • Art area: Crayons, markers, safety scissors, glue, and paintbrushes are all great tools for mastering fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination – and build dexterity for writing. Children love to talk about their artwork — it gives them practice with language and self-expression.  Our classrooms and hallways are ever-changing art galleries, please come and see!
  • Block corner: Manipulating and building with blocks is great fun, but it also teaches basic math skills as kids count them, identify their shapes, and compare their sizes. Building houses, roads, and forts helps hone spatial skills that will be helpful for geometry and physics later on.
  • Outdoor play: It looks like chaos, but all that activity helps kids learn what their bodies can do. Children need to move and experiment to master balance, improve coordination, and develop their muscles. Group activities on the playground or in our indoor gym also teach kids cooperation.


Class Options

We have two programs available for Four Year Olds. Use the links below to discover each of these options, and contact us to arrange a tour or to discuss what is best for your child.


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