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Friends Together Summer Camp 2016
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Ah summer… it may seem so far away, but we’re already busily planning our summer camp program. This year is going to be amazing – we have 10 weeks of camp, each with a different fantastic theme – see our Camp page for more details!  Our team has planned a special activity each day, and of course we’ll be incorporating sports, crafts and outdoor exploration into our daily activities as well.

Please check out the camp brochure that was sent home for pricing details – or contact us by phone to enroll. Spaces are limited and filling up!

  • NOTE: Register before March 31 and save 10% on the total cost of your session.

Thematic Learning

We are enjoying immersing ourselves in our weekly themes at camp this summer! Teachers use themes to get kids excited and engaged, and when kids are having so much fun, they don’t even know they’re learning!  Our teachers are having a blast, too.

Thematic exploration is a method of teaching by building learning activities around a fun and interesting theme – read this article for more insights and ideas for what to do at home.

Thematic exploration: Learning ideas to love

It’s awesome to see that the author’s list of favorite exploration topics lines up with our favorites here at Friends Together!

Camp Registration Now Open!

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We are so excited to offer 10 WEEKS of summer camp for both our toddlers and preschoolers. With weekly themes, indoor and outdoor play, sports, art, music, crafts, exploration and good old fashioned summer fun… it’s going to be a summer to remember. We hope all of our friends can join us! Not only do the children have a great time, our summer program is also a great way to keep your child in touch with school over the summer and ease the transition back in the fall.

More details, schedule options and pricing available on our CAMP page. We’re offering half day (9-12) and full day (9-2) options, and of course you can talk to our Enrichment Daycare and Early Childhood Center about options for extending those hours even further (we’re here 7:30 AM- 6 PM).

Sign up now – space is limited!

Camp Week 10

Week Ten: Sports Class Mash-Up

3-5 years old: With it being the last week of camp, children were able to enjoy gym with all their favorite activities of the summer!

  • Monday- “Bridge” Tag, “Stuck in the Mud” Tag, Red Light Green Light, Hide and Seek
  • Tuesday- “Sticky” Tag, Jumping Jacks, baseball game with E-Z Catch glove, target, and watermelon balls
  • Wednesday- Knock over the cones, soccer game with substitutions
  • Thursday- Basketball, with our coaches being movable hoops with our small hula-hoops
  • Friday- Their choice in tag and Kickball, a fun way to combine baseball and soccer

18mo- 3yrs:

With country music playing over the speakers and assorted centers throughout the playground, the children were able to enjoy their last week of camp in a free-to-explore atmosphere midst their friends and teachers.

Camp Week 9

What extraordinary weather we’ve had for camp this year.  Great weather for water play and sprinklers!  This week the campers went on a wild safari!  They traveled to the exciting continent of Africa and encountered Lions, zebras, snakes and monkeys.  They made amazing lion masks and zebras on popsicle sticks!  The children used their handy homemade binoculars to study all these wonderful creatures.  Lots of safari books, animal sounds on tape and pretending to be wild animals rounded out this week.  ROAR!

Miss. Monica took the children on a garden adventure!  Under her careful guidance the children tended to our vegetables and herbs.  As they watered the garden they discovered that our tomatoes are finally bearing fruit. How exciting!  Our eggplants, basil, peppers and mint are also growing well!  Very soon we will be able to enjoy a healthy, tasty snack right from our garden!  What fun!


Sports Class Week 9:   Cardio and Heart Rate/Project Adventure

2-5 years old:

Everyday this week, we began gym class by focusing on warming up before game time. This warm-up consisted of a sequence of leg and arm stretches that have been practiced over the past two weeks. After the children and coaches ran four laps around the playground, we would feel our heartbeat by placing our fingers under our chin’s to feel the heart pulse. Muscles in our body, blood flow, and hydrating were discussed each day, as well as healthy snacks we can feed our body for energy.

18 months:

This week we focused on Project Adventure. With this, everyday we set up a different area for the children to explore. From pitching tents with our many parachutes to obstacle courses with ball pits filled of various objects, the children were able to play amongst one another in a different setting at the Friends Together Playground.

Camp Week 8

Sports School for Week 8: Hockey

3-5 years old: Hide and Seek, Friends Together Twister, and the development of the game hockey.

  • Day 1: Introduction to Hockey, Foundation of Dribbling a hockey ball/”Children’s Puck” with the hockey stick
  • Day 2: Review of Dribbling, Foundation of Trapping
  • Day 3: Review of Dribbling & Trapping, Foundation of Passing
  • Day 4: Review of Dribbling, Trapping, Passing, Foundation of Shooting
  • Day 5: Review of skills, Basis of a Hockey Game

18months -3years old:

Introduction to leg stretches, dribbling a hockey ball, scoring with a hockey stick, and passing to our teammates. In class, we also played Hide and Seek, along with water games through our chalk maze.

Camp Week 7

Bye-bye Friends Together, Hello Hawaii! Our vacation in Hawaii was so much fun!! In order to be ready for our Luau Party, we had a fun jewelry party and created Lei’s!! In addition to designing our pretty jewelry, we made some delicious pineapples, and “grew” palm trees for decoration. Water play became so much more fun as we added a Slip ‘N’ Slide and a turtle sprinkler! We cannot wait to take a dive into the water next week as we learn all about life under the sea!

Our garden is growing daily. Everyone loves to water and guess about just how high our vegetables will grow. Coach Carbone has special games and sports skills every day for our campers. We are looking forward to adding this physical activity curriculum to our weekly time outside and in the gym starting in September will keep you posted.

Sports School for Week 7: Introduction to Baseball/Softball

3-5 years old:

“Bridge” tag, throwing, catching, hitting off a tee and playing a complete three-inning baseball game with Coach Jen, Coach Monica, and Coach Erin!

  • Day 1: Introduction to Baseball, Foundation of Throwing
  • Day 2: Review of Throwing, Foundation of Catching
  • Day 3: Review of Throwing and Catching, Foundation of Hitting
  • Day 4: Review of Throwing, Catching, Hitting, Foundation of Fielding
  • Day 5: Review of skills, Foundation of a Tee-Ball Game


18 months-3 years old:

Introduction to arm stretches, throwing and catching a baseball with our E-Z Catch gear, hitting a large ball off a tee, and using the Kick-Flix to catch beanbags. Daily, the children exercised the skill of baseball within an obstacle course by climbing over our tall barriers to get to home plate and hit off the tee!

Camp Week 5

Our camping week was lots of fun and delicious too.  The children loved creating and especially eating “smores”.  We added a special type of sand to our discovery table.  Lots of experimental play going on.

Our garden is nearly ready to produce some vegetables.  The beans that were planted, by the 4’s in June, have now produced real beans ready for the soup.  Our herb garden is quite fragrant.  The campers look forward to checking the growing process every day.  They are also responsible for weeding and watering.

Coach Carbone spent a very busy and fun week working on baseball skills with everyone.  All the campers had lots of chances to practice their throwing, catching and batting skills.  Together as they moved from station to station, everyone scored lots of home runs!

*Please note:  We have decided to extend our camp program for additional weeks in August.  Please call Nicole if you have any questions.

Camp Week 4

Sports Class Week 4: Basketball

3-5 yrs:

Along with learning the fundamentals of basketball, the children fine-tuned their receptive skills with games that revolved around following directions. From “King of the Ocean” to “Huggy Bear”, the athletes had extreme fun working cooperatively with their teammates and coaches.

  • Day 1: Introduction to basketball, foundation of dribbling
  • Day 2: Review of dribbling, foundation of passing (bounce pass / chest pass)
  • Day 3: Review of dribbling & passing, foundation of passing while running
  • Day 4: Review of dribbling & passing, foundation of shooting in the hoop
  • Day 5: Review of skills, foundation of a basketball game


18mo-3 yrs:

Introduction to warming-up by doing running exercises, dribbling a basketball, and shooting the ball into the basket. Rooms 1&2 learned the basics f bounce passing to their teammates.

Camp Extended into August

Due to popular demand, we have decided to continue our camp program through August. The program will run from August 4 – August 22.

We are so happy to continue the fun with our campers!

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