Camp Week 9

What extraordinary weather we’ve had for camp this year.  Great weather for water play and sprinklers!  This week the campers went on a wild safari!  They traveled to the exciting continent of Africa and encountered Lions, zebras, snakes and monkeys.  They made amazing lion masks and zebras on popsicle sticks!  The children used their handy homemade binoculars to study all these wonderful creatures.  Lots of safari books, animal sounds on tape and pretending to be wild animals rounded out this week.  ROAR!

Miss. Monica took the children on a garden adventure!  Under her careful guidance the children tended to our vegetables and herbs.  As they watered the garden they discovered that our tomatoes are finally bearing fruit. How exciting!  Our eggplants, basil, peppers and mint are also growing well!  Very soon we will be able to enjoy a healthy, tasty snack right from our garden!  What fun!


Sports Class Week 9:   Cardio and Heart Rate/Project Adventure

2-5 years old:

Everyday this week, we began gym class by focusing on warming up before game time. This warm-up consisted of a sequence of leg and arm stretches that have been practiced over the past two weeks. After the children and coaches ran four laps around the playground, we would feel our heartbeat by placing our fingers under our chin’s to feel the heart pulse. Muscles in our body, blood flow, and hydrating were discussed each day, as well as healthy snacks we can feed our body for energy.

18 months:

This week we focused on Project Adventure. With this, everyday we set up a different area for the children to explore. From pitching tents with our many parachutes to obstacle courses with ball pits filled of various objects, the children were able to play amongst one another in a different setting at the Friends Together Playground.

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