Camp Week 8

Sports School for Week 8: Hockey

3-5 years old: Hide and Seek, Friends Together Twister, and the development of the game hockey.

  • Day 1: Introduction to Hockey, Foundation of Dribbling a hockey ball/”Children’s Puck” with the hockey stick
  • Day 2: Review of Dribbling, Foundation of Trapping
  • Day 3: Review of Dribbling & Trapping, Foundation of Passing
  • Day 4: Review of Dribbling, Trapping, Passing, Foundation of Shooting
  • Day 5: Review of skills, Basis of a Hockey Game

18months -3years old:

Introduction to leg stretches, dribbling a hockey ball, scoring with a hockey stick, and passing to our teammates. In class, we also played Hide and Seek, along with water games through our chalk maze.

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