Camp Week 6: Creative Arts & Crafts

crafts clip art

This week was both very active and artistic at the same time! Our week began with the children creating and then painting tops. The next day, the tops were used to spin and race with. We used the top of our tables to spin and win. Everyone enjoyed learning how to use the tops they had painted. Try to spin your tops at home on a flat surface!

We read the book Perfect Square by Michael Hall, in which a simple square of red paper is transformed into many extraordinary things just by tearing, crumpling, cutting, punching holes and more. The children chose the color paper they wanted to use and had fun creating their own designs from a simple square. They placed their works of art on a large sheet of paper to talk about and share. The children really enjoyed telling their camp friends which squares they chose to create. Be sure to ask them to help you “see” the art they have created.  This book is very special and would be a great addition to a young child’s library. Children really love to read their favorite books over and over, and this book could become a family favorite.

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