Camp Week 5

Our camping week was lots of fun and delicious too.  The children loved creating and especially eating “smores”.  We added a special type of sand to our discovery table.  Lots of experimental play going on.

Our garden is nearly ready to produce some vegetables.  The beans that were planted, by the 4’s in June, have now produced real beans ready for the soup.  Our herb garden is quite fragrant.  The campers look forward to checking the growing process every day.  They are also responsible for weeding and watering.

Coach Carbone spent a very busy and fun week working on baseball skills with everyone.  All the campers had lots of chances to practice their throwing, catching and batting skills.  Together as they moved from station to station, everyone scored lots of home runs!

*Please note:  We have decided to extend our camp program for additional weeks in August.  Please call Nicole if you have any questions.

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