Camp Week 5: Olympic Games

Olympic Torch

Many people from many countries get together to play games and celebrate friendship, unity and sport every 4 years. The games take place in different countries. Our Olympic games were going to take place outside, but as we all know this week the weather was just too extreme for that. The children all talked about friendship, shared ideas about what friends are and how we should treat our friends.

Everyone made an Olympic friendship flag as either one big class project or as individual flags to take home. The rings on the flag represent the 5 major land areas of the world – we showed this to the children by using a globe. We interlocked our arms just like the rings in the flag to show what friends do once again. The rings are also in the shape of the letter “O”, the first letter of the word Olympics. In our movement sessions we learned and sang the two songs: “The More We are Together” and “It’s a Small World After All”.

We wrap up the week with a torch run/walk outside and a continuation of our Olympic games in the gym. What an interesting and fact-filled week we have all had.

Looking for some Olympics-themed crafts to do at home? There are some great ideas on this website.

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