Camp Week 4

Sports Class Week 4: Basketball

3-5 yrs:

Along with learning the fundamentals of basketball, the children fine-tuned their receptive skills with games that revolved around following directions. From “King of the Ocean” to “Huggy Bear”, the athletes had extreme fun working cooperatively with their teammates and coaches.

  • Day 1: Introduction to basketball, foundation of dribbling
  • Day 2: Review of dribbling, foundation of passing (bounce pass / chest pass)
  • Day 3: Review of dribbling & passing, foundation of passing while running
  • Day 4: Review of dribbling & passing, foundation of shooting in the hoop
  • Day 5: Review of skills, foundation of a basketball game


18mo-3 yrs:

Introduction to warming-up by doing running exercises, dribbling a basketball, and shooting the ball into the basket. Rooms 1&2 learned the basics f bounce passing to their teammates.

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