Camp Week 4: Outdoor Madness

Bear Hunt

This week we all just had fun outdoors until the rain came! Many mornings, the day would start out very bright and sunny and then the skies would darken and there would not be any rain – but then there were days when ajust all of a sudden the heavens would open up and it would rain and then STOP!

The children talked about what camping meant to them. We had lots of conversation about tents, bugs, campfires, marshmallows and fun. The children created their own “campfires”, painted with marshmallows and then had a treat at snack time. Question: How many marshmallows would you like to eat while camping?

Bear Hunt 2

They also created their very own binoculars to help them search for animals while they were camping. We sang “Going on a Bear Hunt” together and decided that there were not any bears in Port Washington. We also created a song about just what we would all like to bring with us when we went camping. We were happy to hear that not one child mentioned any device that had to be plugged in. They did, however, mention: fishing poles, tents, pillows, a camp fire, lunch in a lunch box, a pet monkey, flashlights, books, bug spray, a transformer toy and cookies! Sounds like they woudl have a great camping trip.

Our scavenger hunt around the playground went off without a hitch. All the items were found, everyone filled their bag with all the items listed and we finished the hunt BEFORE the rain came! The children are having fun making their pet rocks. They do not have to feed them, take them for walks or groom them. They also will not bark or grow any bigger than they are right now. What a great pet! All they need are some fun names.

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