Camp Week 2

Splish splash week was a success!! On our first day, we went fishing! We caught fishes, sharks, whales, and octopuses! During day two and three, we painted with water spray and ice cubes!! The children were amazed with how their paintings came out not using typical paint brushes!! On our fourth day, we created a car wash station!! Everyone took turns using sponges to clean our toy cars and bicycles. They loved using the bubble soap to clean and created a fun game with it!! On our last day, we blew bubbles and had a contest who could pop the most! What a fun week!

We cannot wait for next week, Red White and Blue!! *Please note that we will be closed on Friday, July 4th*


Sports Class Week 2: Soccer

3-5 yrs:

We played “sticky” tag, shark game, dribbling, trapping, passing, scoring and playing a full-out soccer game coached by Coach Schwartz & Coach Erin!

  • Day 1: Introduction to soccer, foundation of dribbling
  • Day 2: Review of dribbling, foundation of trapping
  • Day 3: Review of dribbling & trapping, foundation of passing
  • Day 4: Review of dribbling, trapping, passing, foundation of shooting
  • Day 5: Review of skills, foundation of a soccer game


Introduction to leg stretches, dribbling a soccer ball, scoring a goal against Coach Carbone, and “Knock over the Cones” (kicking a soccer ball to knock over the cones). Daily, the children exercised the skill of soccer within an obstacle course by traveling through our squishy gymnastics mats to get to the soccer ball and score into the goal!

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