Camp Week 2: Water Fun

water play

The outside water table was the most popular place to be for all the children. Luckily, our school has ample shade in the morning, so we made sure that we went out early every day. The children loved watering the plants in the garden, painting with ice cubes both outside the building and inside on paper, using straws and their own breath to paint, and finally using frozen ice cubes on a stick to create wonderful “ice” art. Each piece of art work was as individual as the child who created it.

In addition, all this water activity gave us the opportunity to discuss the water cycle. Where does rain come? What is the difference between ice and liquid water? And finally… is juice better when it is frozen on a stick or sipped from a glass? Lots of questions were answered this week.

We had planned on having all the children come to school in their bathing suits at least one day this week. However, the weather report featured rain, rain and more rain… that never really happened! We will try again for next week.

Note: Please do not send children to camp in Crocs. They don’t fit well and we’ve had several children fall while wearing them. Velcro sneakers or sandals that can be fitted around your child’s feet are best for everyone’s safety. Thank you!

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