Camp Week 10

Week Ten: Sports Class Mash-Up

3-5 years old: With it being the last week of camp, children were able to enjoy gym with all their favorite activities of the summer!

  • Monday- “Bridge” Tag, “Stuck in the Mud” Tag, Red Light Green Light, Hide and Seek
  • Tuesday- “Sticky” Tag, Jumping Jacks, baseball game with E-Z Catch glove, target, and watermelon balls
  • Wednesday- Knock over the cones, soccer game with substitutions
  • Thursday- Basketball, with our coaches being movable hoops with our small hula-hoops
  • Friday- Their choice in tag and Kickball, a fun way to combine baseball and soccer

18mo- 3yrs:

With country music playing over the speakers and assorted centers throughout the playground, the children were able to enjoy their last week of camp in a free-to-explore atmosphere midst their friends and teachers.

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